I. Details of the association
Name of the association: Magyar Egészségügyi Menedzsment Társaság
Abbreviated name of the association: MEMT
Association’s foreign name: Hungarian Healthcare Management Association
Association’s headquarters: 1016 Budapest, Számadó utca 5.
Association website:

II. Purpose and activities of the association
The aim of the Hungarian Health Management Association is to develop the practice of health care organizations and health care system management in Hungary.
To this end, it coordinates the scientific and professional activities of the Hungarian health care management community.
a. The Association aims to achieve the above objective through the following public benefit activities:
i. organising regular professional meetings;
ii. participation in and organisation of national and international professional conferences;
iii. compiling, publishing and distributing information material and professional publications;
iv. support participation in educational and scientific programmes;
v. developing accreditation systems for educational programmes and educational organisations;
vi. contributing to the certification of educational programmes;
vii. contributing to the resolution of issues related to career pathways for health and medical managers;
viii. building and maintaining national and international relationships, including with partner organisations, chambers, foreign and national colleagues, national health manager training workshops;
ix. carrying out educational and training organisation activities;
x. conducting research and analysis;
xi. carrying out consultancy activities