IME Conferences

For the 22nd time, the Hungarian Healthcare Management Association (HMA) is organizing the Data-Driven Health and Cybersecurity Conference. This year’s summit will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare challenges in IT and cybersecurity.

One of the main objectives of this year’s Data-Driven Health and Cybersecurity conference is to ensure that as wide a range of people as possible are aware of and support the paradigm shift from traditional medicine to data-driven healthcare within and outside the sector.

In parallel, it is imperative that the healthcare sector continuously improve its cybersecurity measures and systems to protect patients and healthcare data from cyber-attacks, as the exposure of healthcare data is enormous. Cyber-attacks are no longer just about data theft; they can paralyze healthcare systems and medical devices because everything is connected to each other over the Internet.

The 22nd IME Data-Driven Health and Cybersecurity Conference will focus on the sector’s challenges and possible solutions.