The conference will focus on artificial intelligence (AI), IT, and cybersecurity challenges in healthcare. One of the main objectives of this year’s Data-Driven Healthcare and Cybersecurity conference is to ensure that as wide a range of people from inside and outside the sector as possible are aware of and support the paradigm shift from traditional medicine to data-driven healthcare.

In data-driven healthcare, we rely on data generated during the care process and its analysis to enable healthcare workers, doctors, and patients to understand health conditions and diseases’ details better and develop faster, more effective, and personalized treatments. Data-driven healthcare will enable decision-makers and doctors to make more accurate diagnoses, predict health risks, and create targeted patient treatment plans.

However, using AI also raises the issue of cybersecurity preparedness, as the vulnerability of internet-connected systems and medical equipment is increasing worldwide. For this reason, cybersecurity in healthcare must be a priority ‒ another central topic of our conference.

We are organizing the IME conference in Budapest; its language is Hungarian. Here are the details of the event.