Digital transformation is one of healthcare’s biggest challenges, with many benefits for patients and healthcare workers. Secure development and use are essential to maximize these benefits. Digitalization must bring an increase in data volumes that also opens up new horizons for the sector.

However, data can not only be used for supply; it has become a value that the ‘market’ is willing to pay for. As a result, competition for data has started, which is not only fair due to the specificities of cyberspace.

What threats have emerged today?

What should a healthcare professional, especially a manager or middle manager who is not so familiar with the world of informatics, be aware of?

How can we prevent dangers and manage risks?

The training will introduce health professionals to the information and cybersecurity world through examples they can understand.

Target group: all medical qualifications

Planned program

  • Introduction, expectations – the importance of cybersecurity in healthcare
  • Information and cybersecurity in general
  • Health data and information protection
  • The role of the National Cyber Security Institute in the healthcare sector
  • Focus on artificial intelligence
  • Hospitals’ best practices
  • Conclusion, summary

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