MCI Study Tours

In 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023, HMA, as a strategic partner of the Health Services Management Training Centre of Semmelweis University, proudly helped organize as well as implement international study tours. Our Institute regularly welcomes foreign groups for study tours. We organize tailor-made and interactive programs with the participation of global professionals, managers, decision-makers, and even undergraduate and graduate students. Our study programs have covered various topics and research areas, particularly health reform experiences, developing organizations and health systems, and managing change. Recently, HSMTC also started expanding its focus to network analysis, big data solutions, and data mining in healthcare.

One hundred five students have already visited the Health Services Management Training Centre from the MCI (Management Center Innsbruck, Austria). All the students were keen to gain knowledge and practical experiences about Hungarian healthcare and social systems. Thus, the study tour programs were designed in line with their interests. They learned about:

  • the many ways in which artificial intelligence can help health professionals;
  • quality of health services and patient safety;
  • global and EU health HR issues, such as how many professionals we need in the next 5-10 years, what knowledge and skills support care safety, system sustainability, and an optimal working environment;
  • public health importance of smoking, with a particular focus on the use of electronic cigarettes and adolescent smoking habits.

In addition to the interactive seminars, our guests also participated in institutional visits, including to the Unified Special Education Methodology Centre and Students’ Residence, the National Healthcare Service Center, and Semmelweis University Városmajor Cardiovascular Center.

Every year, we ask students to give feedback on our programs. In 2023, we have seen an improvement in the response rate because we asked for evaluations at the end of each module, not just at the end of the study trip. We also provided links and QR codes to access feedback forms, which all students received electronically and on paper.

Health Services Management Training Centre of Semmelweis University, HMA, and the National Laboratory are joint organizers of the MCI study tours.